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→ Application: Holly Heights ←

Player: Kim
Age: 22
Personal Journal: [personal profile] heartpocket
Contact Info: [ profile] HeartPocket, AIM: pocketoftheheart
Other Characters: Karkat Vantas, South Italy

Characters Name: Crow
Age: Appears to be a 16 year old boy, true 'age' is unknown.
Canon: Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon
Canon Point: Post game.
Species: Android.
Gender: Male
Orientation: BFF-sexual N/A.

History: [x] Fragile @ Wikipedia | [x] Crow himself | [x] The official Website (click on 'Story')
Appearance: [x]

Personality: To be honest, Crow is a cocky little brat. Those things that pre-school teachers taught children when they were young, like sharing, playing nice, not vandalizing walls with crayons, etcetera? He never learned any of that, because he was never a small child or in any school, for that matter. In this sense, it's not a stretch to say Crow is sort of a child now, despite his older appearance. What's yours is his, and what's his is his. Walls are for drawing and writing on, and no one is free from teasing or bullying.

But there's a difference. Crow is actually an intelligent being. Artificially intelligent, perhaps, but it's still intelligence. That's another thing, Crow's a robot with the capability to learn intuitively by interacting with his environment. His 'brain' works like that of a normal human's in that he is not programmed to know everything initially. To know things, he must learn them. Presumably, he'd had plenty of time in canon to read several books and learn many things (some more accurate than others) about human culture and language. His favorite book, and one he quoted at the main character when they first met, is called Pirate Isle. In it, a boy pirate befriends another lost boy after terrorizing him as pirates often do. It seems that Crow leans heavily towards this sort of antagonistic character, whether he likes you or not, you're going to be treated like prey. Another thing that can be associated to pirates, as well as the bird he named himself after (crows, obviously) is his affection for things that shine and are ripe for the stealing. Got a necklace that's shiny? Better hold on to it, because if Crow takes a liking to it, it'll be his faster than you think.

Not much can be said for Crow's origins or anything really relating to his past, as the game itself is very vague with all of the characters' pasts. What can be inferred was that Crow was created in a facility by a middle-aged man, given by the photograph Crow keeps with him of himself in a hospital gown and the man standing beside him. Crow goes on to explain that he doesn't really remember much of his childhood and that he's searching to find the answers to his missing memory. The reasons a robot like Crow would lose his memory and believe he had a "childhood" are left unclear, but it seemed at the beginning he didn't really know he was a robot, though he was aware he wasn't human. His first interaction with the main character lends to a belief that he thinks all humans are pathetic, though it may have been part of his bullying act. In the end, he and Seto become friends, after a lot of insults and a really annoying game of tag. He likes to hold his abilities over other people's heads, as it gives him an edge. His speed and balance are incomparable to anyone else in the game, able to jump incredibly high with ease and run fearlessly along rollercoaster tracks in his game of tag with the main character.

Crow is fearless and mean, but kind. He may come off as an insensitive asshole only in it to make someone miserable, but at the end of the day, he cherishes company and friendship. Of course, it's likely that he only has one real friend, so that bond means a lot to him. Two things Crow knows about friendship are, 1: friends give each other presents, and 2: friends give each other kisses. He claims the latter was learned from reading a book, but it's up for debate. Human relationships may very well be foreign to him, all things considered. Hell, any relationship seems foreign to him.

Near the end of the game, after Crow and Seto had been apart for a long time, they reunite again, this time with Crow mentioning his battery is getting low. At some point in time off-screen, Crow discovered that he was indeed a machine, and presumably his memories with that information. The game doesn't dwell much on it as he "dies" soon after. The scene also brought up the fact that Crow cannot physically cry, and that he's almost jealous of the fact that Seto can. He also seems to want closure in the form of knowing Seto kept the ring he'd given him before, telling him that that was proof of their friendship. It was important to him to know this, and his last words were "thank you". It's also easy to assume that Crow is bitter that he's not human, not alive, not "real", but Seto's assurance in their friendship and that he didn't care if he was human or not, made it easier for him to accept that it is, in fact, okay.

So to sum it up, Crow is a robotic brat with a penchant for thievery and teasing. He likes to read, climb on tall things, play games, and write on walls. On the inside, he's conflicted with believing that he's alive and really has a mind of his own, and believing that he's only a series of programs designed to perpetuate someone else's will.

Abilites: Crow is a robot built for speed, stamina, and balance. Most of his actions mimic that of a circus performer's, often standing on his hands for long periods of time with no problem or running along narrow edges with no fear at all. Of course, sometimes balance fails, footing gets loose, and idiots fall off of Ferris Wheels. That's okay, because his body is built to last and he can walk away from great falls with not even a scratch! He can scale tall structures with ease because he jumps like a flea. The only problem with all this robot business is his battery life doesn't last forever...